(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5
  • SKU: U-64-HE-01-BK-15

(Step Thru) Hurley 27.5" 350W Electric Bike 6V 10Ah Battery Mountain Bicycle

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Hurley Ebike 27.5" 350W Electric Bike Mountain Bicycle 36V 10Ah Battery 20MPH E-bike


Customer Reviews

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Kindle Customer
My son loves this E-bike!

I bought this E-bike for my son to get around the neighborhood. His favorite feature is the front shock, it makes for a smooth ride. It was super easy to assemble and has great power. We live in a hilly neighborhood, and it does well going up and down without much change in speed. The headlight and taillight are very bright and make you very visible on the road. I haven��t actually tried the mobile app with the E-bike, but that is a nice bonus as well. The battery life is great, my son goes out for hours and has never had to push it home. Great E-bike for the price!

Awesome E-bike with lots of features

Bought this for my teenage son and he loves it! All of the tech in the display panel is great. He rides it around at 15 mph and he's happy with that. It feels good and easy to ride (not all E-bikes d��). It would be nice to know how to get it to go 20 mph as advertised, though. Still the best E-bike we've come across, especially for the price.

Great E-bike

Got this E-bike for about a few weeks now it��s really nice and also it used to only goes 25mph now it goes 30mph S , it seems like the longer I ride mine the fastest it goes , Easy to fold and unfold.

Review from a "Heavy" Guy....

My older kids and wife love it... but for me, a big guy...... here is my review. I think it says the weight limit is like 200 or 225 lbs... Not sure, but I'm 275... I wasn't expecting a lot for me, but it exceeded my expectations. It says its range is like 20 miles or something. With me riding it, since I'm well above the suggested limit, I got about 6 or 7 miles out of it, going up and down small hills and flat roads. Typical neighborhood stuff. I was actually impressed with that. On flat ground I can easily get to 14MPH. I think it says it can handle 15 degree up slope. With my weight, it struggles at 5 degrees (Thats my driveway angle). But that is to be expected. Its very very sturdy, so I'm not worried about breaking it with my weight... Just the range is less, and over its life span, that battery won't last as long. Overall, its easily an A+.

Really enjoyed riding the E-bike

The E-bike is easy to assemble and has good battery life.