Hurley Wahine 500W Electric Bike,26
Hurley Wahine 500W Electric Bike,26
Hurley Wahine 500W Electric Bike,26
Hurley Wahine 500W Electric Bike,26
Hurley Wahine 500W Electric Bike,26
  • SKU: U-64-HE-10-BK

Hurley Wahine 500W Electric Bike,26" Fat Tire,46.8V, 10.4Ah Lithium Battery,Max Speed 20MPH,Shimano 6-Speed , LCD display E-bike

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  • Barcode: 6949550711421
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FRAME:26" steel frame
TIRE SIZE:26"*3.0
BRAKE:Mechanical Disc brake
MAX SPEED:32km/h (19.88mph)(with Pedalling); 32km/h (19.88mph) (with Throttle)
MAX DISTANCE:48km(30miles) (with Pedalling)/40km(24.8miles) (with Throttle)
MAX USAGE TIME:600 cycles
CHARGING TIME:up to 6hrs
MAX INCLINE:20°(with Pedalling);10°(with Throttle)
MOTOR:48V, 500W
BATTERY:46.8V, 10.4Ah
CHARGER:UL certified 54.6V 2A
ASSIST SYSTEM:Pedal assist and Throttle
PRODUCT OPEN SIZE:1900*650*1020 mm
CARTON BOX SIZE:1680*280*800 mm
LOADING : 183pcs/40HQ

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Sydni Herman
The full sized man review

You need to know how it does with max weight capacity. My husband is 250lbs. He is not aerodynamic. Charged at 100% he rode 4.5 miles and it took it down to 50%. Here are the real life stats. 9-10 miles on a charge for a large adult. It will hold 15-16mph. The cruise control is nice if you��re going long distances. The brakes were a little to grabby in the beginning, but broke in and are good now. So far we love it.

Great E-bike

The E-bike is much better than I expected. Several modes to choose from. I used it on a good enough elevation and it worked equally great. Battery lasts a very long time too. The E-bikes has several lights including front and back. It does absorb shocks well compared to many others. The cherry on the cake is it looks super cool too. Highly recommended. I will update my review after using it for a few weeks.

Vale la pena la inversi��n!

La calidad de este E-bike no tiene nada de envidiar a las marcas m��s caras, el amortiguador es perfecto para los baches, llega hasta 19mph de velocidad, tiene velocidad crucero para no cansar el dedo en el acelerador, la aplicaci��n es muy amigable, la bater��a de larga duraci��n y lo que es mejor a��n, es perfecto para andar por Washington y dejar mi auto parqueado y no estresarme con el tr��fico, lo recomiendo totalmente

Matthew T
Speedy but well built

?I was pleasantly surprised how nice this E-bike is. It comes with a lot of nice features for safety and convenience. It has a headlight for night driving and when you pull the brake, a little red LED lights up on the back of the E-bike.

This has a lot of good speed for cruising around my neighborhood or at the campsite.

I enjoy the zero start feature. You do not have to manually push off to get going. You can just pull the accelerator and go on your way.

This is a well built E-bike with great battery life.

I definitely recommend this if you are looking for something around your neighborhood or if you live in a downtown area. This will get you where you need to go quite fast.

Great commuter E-bike

I use it as a daily commuter to and from work. I work about 7-8 miles away from home and it gets me there and back with no problem at all. Mileage is more like 20-21 miles on a full charge, I am also a heavier rider too I weigh about 210 lbs. Customer service was great when my E-bike began to malfunction. They sent me the parts and emailed me instructions on how to fix the issue. It was as simple as readjusting the break handle because it was dislocated when I fell of the E-bike resulting in a error message F1 and the E-bike not accelerating. If you ever get the error message F1 on this E-bike it��s a simple fix just readjust the break handle until the F1 error message goes away. I did not find any other problem with the product.