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Video about changing wheels:


Featuring an improved Hobbywing Turbo ESC. The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at a much higher current. This allows BLACK Carve to get larger torque and faster acceleration. 

The package includes: The whole Skateboard, tool, charger, manual and remote controller, 97mm PU wheels

– Deck material: 7 ply Canadian maple hardwood and 2 ply bamboo with a perfect concave just like a normal skateboard!
– Deck length: 39″/102cm
– Deck wheelbase: 30″/75cm
– Trucks: Super carve 320mm/13inch width
– Wheels: 97mm Long Lasting PU wheels 
– Motors: Direct Drive motor 6000 watt diameter:63mm, Superior Heat Dissipation, Max AMPS:75A, Max Voltage:12S/50.4V, Max KV Rating: 75KV( 58KV each)
– Bearings: Abec 9 Waterproof: IP55
– Battery: Samsung 14AH Lithium Ion. 10s4p
– Recharge: Approx. 2-3 hours

Weight: 8.8kg.

– Range: Up to 42km/26miles 

– Top Speed: Approx. 46kmh/29mph

– Regenerative Braking

– Noise: Minimal noise
 Just like a Dual Hub motor

– Acceleration: Three Speed Modes

– Remote: Hobbywing Remote Controller

– Max Load: 120kg / 265 lbs.

– Terrain: Smooth and hard surfaces – Switch out the wheels really easy

– Hills: Up to 25% gradient THIS IS STEEP!


You will be amazed at how smooth the new direct drive motors feel. FÄBOARD's new direct drive system provides an insane amount of torque and smooth acceleration. Using the highest quality of materials to last you thousands miles! 

31+ mph with buttery smooth acceleration and take off power. Best paired with FÄBOARD's airless 105x66mm 60 Durometer rubber wheels. 

6000 WATTS motor, MAX VOLTAGE: 12S/50.4V, MAX KV RATING: 75KV( 58KV each), MAX INCLINE: 25%


FÄBOARD BLACK Remote Controller has a new ergonomic design. It features an oversized roller thumb wheel for precise control of acceleration and braking. Wireless connectivity up to 10 meters for safety.