Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM
Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM
Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM
Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM
Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM
Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM
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Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, distancia máxima 52KM

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  • Código de barras:
Color: Azul, Púrpura, Blanco
Tamaño: 20, 24
Material: 100% poliéster

Hurley Carve Electric Urban Single Speed ​​E-Bike 700C Bicicleta, Distancia máxima 52KM

Acerca de este artículo

  • Presentamos la Carve: finalmente, puedes tener una bicicleta de carretera eléctrica que no se parece a una bicicleta eléctrica tradicional, gracias al diseño de batería invisible integrado en el cuadro. El Carve de Hurley es tu opción urbana para ir al trabajo, volar por la ciudad, esquivar baches y carreras nocturnas de hooligan.
  • Listo para la ciudad: el Carve cuenta con un potente motor de cubo de 350 vatios que lo lleva hasta 20 mph y 30 millas de distancia. Establezca su nivel de asistencia en la conducción, o lo mejor de todo: cuando no tenga ganas de pedalear, simplemente gire el acelerador al estilo de una motocicleta y listo.
  • Tecnología: cuenta con un faro delantero brillante para seguridad y conducción nocturna, transmisión de una sola velocidad para simplificar, pinzas de aleación delanteras y traseras y un marco de acero 700c para absorber carreteras irregulares.
  • Viaja con estilo: el elegante cuadro color carbón, los gráficos de Hurley, las ruedas de doble pared y las barras planas lo convierten en un vehículo urbano sigiloso que te hace sentir bien al subirte y dirigirte a tu próximo destino: no hay más excusas para no salir.
  • 85 % ensamblado: su nuevo Carve viene casi listo para rodar con todas las herramientas incluidas en la caja. Planee alrededor de una hora de ensamblaje y controles de seguridad antes de salir en su primer viaje. El cuadro L /21” se adapta a ciclistas de 5'10 a 6'4”. Todas las bicicletas Hurley han sido certificadas por ACT, CPSC y UL, el estándar de oro en seguridad para bicicletas.


MARCO: marco de acero 700C 15.5 "
FRENO: freno tipo V
CASSETTE/RUEDA LIBRE: velocidad única
VELOCIDAD MÁXIMA: 32 km/h (19,88 mph) (con pedaleo); 32 km/h (19,88 mph) (con acelerador)
DISTANCIA MÁXIMA: 52 km (32 millas) (con pedaleo)/44 km (27 millas) (con acelerador)
TIEMPO DE CARGA: hasta 6 horas
INCLINACIÓN MÁXIMA: 15 ° (con pedaleo); 10 ° (con acelerador)
MOTORES: 36V, 350W
BATERÍA: 36V, 10Ah
CARGADOR:UL certificado 42V 2A
SISTEMA DE ASISTENCIA: asistencia de pedal y acelerador
PESO NETO: 20 kg
PESO BRUTO: 25,8 kg
TAMAÑO ABIERTO DEL PRODUCTO: 1800 * 610 * 1000 mm
TAMAÑO DE LA CAJA DE CARTÓN: 1360*230* 720 mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Easy to control

?very cool kids electric e-bike! 3 speeds very easy to control, also safe! battery life is good! Easy to foldable, can bring to everywhere to daughter so love it


Man, lemme just say this thing runs like a DREAM! i just got mine today, unboxed it, set it up, charged it a bit then took it out for a spin.. MAN do you fly. Obviously theres faster out there, but for this price to get this level of quality and speed- i gotta say im a fan Evercross. Ill try and update should any issues arise, but out of the box out of the gate, the set up was easy. I had ONE minor ISSUE: (ill note for the sake of being impartial) and that was when attempting to change the P settings from Kmh to MPH it would not let me switch it. Id do exactly as the manual saids and it wouldnt change. Holding the power button for 3 secs to then press the M button to switch between em is a tad weird. If a 3rd button on the dash existed it might make interfacing a bit easier. I dont mind just sucking it up and dealing with the Kmh, but that was the only issue ive come across so far after my first test run. GREAT e-bike ??!!

Amazon Customer
Solid e-bike that stood up to a lot of abuse

I bought this e-bike to commute to and from work every day, about 8 miles on varied terrain, mostly streets.

It was amazing for what I needed and held up solid the two years I've used it.

The good:
On a full charge it gets up to and maintains speed well.
Its comfortable.
It handles good at speed.
I was hit by a car (going about 45mph) while on my way home on this thing (I was going about 20) and while the e-bike was heavily damaged by the impact as you would expect, it wasn't nearly as damaged as I thought it would be. It took a lot of the impact directly, sparing me a lot of broken bones in exchange for a few broken parts.

The room for improvement:
The headlight is a bit dissapointing in that its very dim. I had to supplement with an off the shelf bicycle headlamp.

I like having additional features on my e-bike. I had a cell phone mount, a go pro mount, and I wanted a side view mirror on each side but could only put it on one side. The handle bars don't offer a lot of real-estate for attachments.

The seat is comfortable but too low. I am 68" tall and for the seat to be comfortable to me, I have to extend it beyond the textured part of the seats bar, right to the very end of it. This means that I have to choose between sitting too low, or sitting comfortable and having the seat slide down to be too low anyway.

An outstanding e-bike for the price. Even a good e-bike overall, price notwithstanding. I really enjoyed it and got a lot of use out of it.
My only complaint about it are minor quality of life ones. Whenever you're considering one of these types of things always remember that you're unlikely to see the performance that is advertised. They're not lying to you, the math works out that at X wattage with Y amp hours you'll see Z performance. But for a quick and dirty estimation of real world performance, plan on averaging 75% of the advertised speed and 60% of the advertised range on any electric e-bike.

Great e-bike for tall people

I’m 6’9 300 lb and this e-bike takes me where i need to go, and fast.

Private Reviewer
Easy to Adjust the height of the handle bars.

Used it for my grandkids to scoot around the city. They love it. East to adjust the height.