NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10
NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10
NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10
NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10
NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10
NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10
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NANROBOT N6 Electric Scooter 2000W Motor 10" Pneumatic Tire, Up to 40 MPH & 40 Miles

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1.Range:50-60KM(30-40 Miles)
5.Tires:10 inch off road tires, road tires
6.Max Load: 150KGS Brake:Hydraulic
7.Brake Suspension: C-type Hydraulic
Suspension 8.Lighths: Headlight, Front
Beam Light, Rear Braking Light, Turn
Signal,Ambient Light,RGB light
9.Display, smart mid color display
10.Controller: 12tube, sine wave, 28A
11.Charging Ports: 2 charging ports
13.Optional remove seat


Control System

The N6 adopts the NANROBOT hydraulic brake system which is known for sensitivity and efficiency. With this braking system, you are assured of your safety even notwithstanding the high level of speed.

 The N6 adopts a high-definition colour screen display instrument panel which automatically displays the speed, power and mileage of the scooter in real-time. Likewise, it is equipped with an independent throttle for easy operation.


Ambient LED Light Design

Whether the lighting is a crucial feature for you or not, the NANROBOT N6's light design gives you the taste of unrivaled illumination. With 64 coloured led lights and 36 changing modes, you can switch between visual ambiances at will. That's a yes to first-class color visual experience.

 The pole light has 3 brightness levels and can be adjusted as needed. Moreover, the lighting system adopts the car-level, voice-activated ambient light design which can change swiftly according to the rhythm and ambiance of whatever music is playing.


Futuristic Exterior Design

The NANROBOT N6's visual aesthetics is the perfect blend of two colors, full black and silver-red, in the car-level paint process. Black, a mysterious color that will never go out of style, is blended with the silver-red double color, resulting in a futuristic exterior design that is everything perfect for the road. At the same time, the N6's exterior is forged with high-quality material as hard as the Iron Man for durability. The scooter is also paired with silicone pedals that are easy to clean and equally durable.


3-step Folding Mechanism

The NANROBOT N6 employs the 3-step quick folding mechanism which enables the scooter to be quickly folded into a portable size. You only need to loosen the knob, fold down the pole, and toggle the buckle in order to fold it. Once folded, it becomes easy to carry and transport.



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