HITWAY Electric Bike, 750W/48V/14Ah Removable Battery, 20MPH/35-75Miles, 26
HITWAY Electric Bike, 750W/48V/14Ah Removable Battery, 20MPH/35-75Miles, 26
HITWAY Electric Bike, 750W/48V/14Ah Removable Battery, 20MPH/35-75Miles, 26
HITWAY Electric Bike, 750W/48V/14Ah Removable Battery, 20MPH/35-75Miles, 26
HITWAY Electric Bike, 750W/48V/14Ah Removable Battery, 20MPH/35-75Miles, 26
  • SKU: U-20-HW-BK3M

HITWAY Electric Bike, 750W/48V/14Ah Removable Battery, 20MPH/35-75Miles, 26"×3.0 Fat Tire, Mountain E Bicycle, IP54

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Professional Shimano 7-speed Headlight
Equipped with 7-speed Shimano and hydraulic brakes can be applied to any road conditions.
26"X3" Fat Tires
Maintain excellent grip on all terrain and increasing safety.
Lager Capacity 48V 14AH Battery
The max travel range inelectric mode can reach 35 MILES.
Hydraulic Front Fork
The Hydraulic Front Fork is very balanced and provides a lot of comfort without sacrificing control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Krishna Dayalan
It does what I paid for

It's nice and affordable, budget electric bike. I am loving it everyday ride to my workplace, it's 22 mile round-trip, I live in up hill ( copper country michigan). The bicycle comes with all necessary safety things, in addition I got lock and airpump also. I would recommend to buy and i will buy one again if needed.

Very pleased fast shipper got it in 4 days

It’s a great E bike, great price and great company to buy it from

So far I love it!

I have a little over a hundred miles now and I love it. I feel like I can take it just about anywhere. There is a new housing development going in across the street and I have been all over it, on and off road. This bike is just fine off road, I don't think it is designed for hard off road riding but just getting off the road and cruising around it is great. The bike is plenty strong, I put a seat on the back and can haul my wife with no problem. The motor seems to be very good, it says 20mph but mine goes 25mph, which is perfect. I was looking for ways to bypass the limiter before I got it, fearing 20mph was going to be too slow. However, 25mph seems really good for me, the motor has more power to go faster but when it hits 25mph it stops pushing. This is my first ebike, there are definitely little things that could be improved on, and I wonder if the ebikes costing much more are that much better, because this one seems pretty nice to me. As far as the battery, I have pushed it one time so far, I know I was over 20 miles but I don't think it was much more. I am almost constantly in PA3 and use the motor about 95% of time. I learned that once you hit about 20mph 7th gear just isn't enough to help, at 25mph I have to pedal like an Olympian to even feel any resistance, so pedaling in PA3 is strictly to "fool" the motor into thinking you are helping so that it keeps you at 25mph. With that being said, I didn't get this bike for exercise, I got it to have fun, I'm sure at PA1 or 2, 9mph and 15mph, if you wanted to pedal it would make a difference with the battery. Now that the weather is warming up, I have ridden it to work and back, 10 miles round trip, and so far, have really enjoyed it.