Suggestions for electric skateboard safe riding

by Muzaara on October 28, 2020

Suggestions for electric skateboard safe riding

1. Slow down, slow down, slow down! On the normal road, the speed should not exceed 15mile/h. Under this speed, whether it is a springboard or a sudden fall, there is still a certain reaction time, and the impact will not be too great. If in high speed, it’s possible to swing or imbalance, and in the event of an accident, the damage will be much greater.


2. Wear a helmet! Wear a helmet! Wear a helmet! "Slow down" and "be careful" can reduce the chance of an accident, but they don't zero out, nor do they make your head less important to you, nor do they make it less likely that you will get hurt if you hit your head (which is mostly the responsibility of gravity or your own mass).

The risk of hitting other parts of the body is manageable. As for other protective equipment, it is recommended to wear, after all, a random fall broke an arm or knee, a few days can not take a bath, it is not a pleasant experience.

Three little things on the road that are actually quite dangerous:

Unlike any other means of transportation, electric skateboard could be a killer if you've ever ridden past a harmless speed bump. So please take a closer look at the new.



1. Launching facilities

The most common road threat. Includes various manhole covers and sewer covers. There are two main dangers:


The first point, covers the surface has a protuberant lines, very short, bicycles and cars can be ignored completely, but for the small wheels skateboard is quite irregular surface, plus some covers sag, rolling a continuous run over the manhole cover is equivalent to the one on two vertical, for players new to electric skateboard is challenging, if too fast, probably after a manhole cover to keep the balance, happened around Swing, causing people to be thrown off.

Second, skateboard polyurethane tires are extremely slippery on wet metal surfaces, so in rainy days or after a sprinkler cover is a death trap for electric skateboard, be careful.


Under normal circumstances, if you find that the cover and you are not moving fast enough, or if you cannot avoid the cover and just run over it, release the throttle, relax your body, and press straight over it. Make sure your center of gravity is right in the center of your body when you run over the cover, which is the least likely to lose balance.

But there is one exception, that is, on a rainy day or a sprinkler after the pavement, when to turn only to find the path of a manhole cover or manhole covers, manhole cover is inherently giant slide, and the friction after water is infinitely close to 0, for this case, my advice is to direct the springboard for fall off is not so bad, the vast majority of cases it is the least costly option.



2. Bridge expansion joints

The degree of danger is related to the width of the gap. The gap below 2cm will cause obvious jolting of the skateboard, while the wider gap can completely jam the skateboard wheel. If forced to pass at a high speed, the skateboard may be destroyed.


After all, the expansion joint is very conspicuous. After finding the gap, you should slow down in advance, see the width of the gap, and then decide whether to pass slowly or directly under the board.

It is recommended for new players to stop in advance every time they pass the expansion joint of a bridge, and then slowly pass it to confirm whether they will get stuck. In this way, after several times, they will have a general standard in mind, and know what the limit width of their skateboard can pass, so that when they see the gap, they can easily judge how to deal with it.


3. White line

That is, the indicator lines drawn on the road to divide non-motorized lanes and motorized lanes.


What's so scary about this flat thing? It's scary because the lines are painted on, so the friction is much lower than the normal road surface, especially the new white lines, and the polyurethane wheels of the skateboard don't grip the ground as well as the rubber tires. If you slide on the white lines, you are very likely to slip.

The rider feels that the wheel spinning on the white line is getting more and more powerful, as if the whole board is going to swing from side to side. To make matters worse, the time to hit the white line is often in the abnormal situation of overtaking or avoiding pedestrians, when the skater's center of gravity is not in the right place, and it is more dangerous if the skidding is out of balance.


The way to deal with this white line is to, in anticipation of the white line, release the throttle ahead of time, relax your legs, and let the skateboard slide to the white line without power. Without power, the tires do not slip easily. Then leave the white line as soon as possible.

Also, avoid sharp braking on the white line, which is almost 100% slippery.


Conclusion: electric skateboards different from bicycles, electric scooters even any off-road vehicles, such as the use of traditional transportation experience set to electric skateboard is very not good behavior, coupled with the degree of danger of electric slide is also can't be and other transport, so before familiar with the characteristics of electric skateboards, on the road any elements should not be despised.


I hope that the new skaters will do a good job to protect themselves, get down to earth and travel safely.


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